Consultancy Services

Data is a valuable asset that can help improve products, services, marketing, customer satisfaction and more. However, data also comes with risks and responsibilities. We all need to ensure that we collect, store, process and share data in a lawful, ethical and secure way. This can be challenging, especially with the complex and evolving regulations such as GDPR and UK law. How can you unleash the power of your data without compromising your reputation, compliance and customer trust?

That's where our consultancy services come in. Consultancy services can help you use the data you collect to maximum potential while using data ethically and obeying GDPR and UK law. Here are some reasons why you need our consultancy services to help support how you work with your data:

A data governance framework defines the roles, responsibilities, policies and processes for managing data across an organisation. It ensures that data is accurate, consistent, secure and ethical. We can assist you in the appropriate use of data standards, creation of data quality standards, data security protocols, data ethics principles and data audit mechanisms.

We can help you design and implement data strategies, policies, systems and processes that align with stated goals and values. We can help you monitor and evaluate your data performance, identify and address any issues or gaps, and ensure compliance with the relevant laws and standards. We can use process control techniques to look at your business processes and asses their capability and capacity. We can map your business processes and see where there are bottle necks and where processes can be simplified,

Data analytics and insights can help you identify patterns, trends and opportunities in your data. They can help you optimise your operations, products and services, and create personalised and engaging interactions with your customers. We can help you use the appropriate tools, automate your data collection and analysis processes. advise on appropriate linkage and create well-built, appropriate metrics.

We can help organisations discover new opportunities, trends, patterns and solutions that can enhance your competitive edge and innovation. We can help organisations communicate their data findings and stories to their stakeholders in a clear and engaging way.  We can advise on the best methods to analyse your data, the best way to visualise and distribute  your analysis and how to tell a compelling story with your data using data storytelling techniques.

GDPR and UK law set strict rules for how organisations can collect, process and share personal data. They also grant individuals rights over their data, such as the right to access, rectify and erase their data. Consultancy services can help you understand and implement the legal requirements and best practices for data protection and privacy.  We can help you conduct data protection impact assessments, create data privacy notices, obtain valid consent from data subjects, implement data breach notification procedures and respond to data subject requests.

Our consultancy services can help you transform your data into a strategic asset that drives your organisation forward. 

John Varlow | Training and Consultancy can help you transform your data into a strategic asset that drives your organisation forward. We offer a full service to individuals and organisations in all areas of information, data analysis and research. We are also networked with a number of other consultants through the Consortium for HealthCare Analytics Intelligence (CHAIn), so please talk through your requirements with us and we may be able to link you to someone who can help if we can't.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to unleash the power of your data. 

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