John Varlow training and consultancy statement on discrimination, victimisation, harassment and bullying

Statement on

Discrimination, Victimisation, Harassment, and Bullying

John Varlow | Training and Consultancy is proud to work within the NHS and associated industries.  Part of this pride comes from a desire to drive equality and diversity in the workplace, but we believe there is still lots to do.

We have decided to take a “no exceptions” rule to acting in the right way for our contracts.  We celebrate the differences in our society and will not tolerate any form of bullying, victimisation, or harassment within our organisation, or noticeable within our clients and contractors.


We choose not to work in an environment where people are treated differently for reasons that have nothing to do with doing their job. We will not accept contracts where we can see this happens.

John Varlow training and consultancy is standing up for those who are being treated unfairly, for what is right

We are aware of the privileges some dominant groups in society have enjoyed, consciously or otherwise, and whilst we cannot redress the balance, we will be aware of the disadvantaged and support everyone with sensitivity and respect.

John Varlow training and consultancy believes everyone has the right to be treated with humanity, dignity and respect.

Should we notice a case of obvious bullying, harassment, or victimisation we will look to address this with those involved.  We will also invoke the local whistleblowing policy or, if absent, our own, to ensure that steps are made to prevent the situation arising again.


If the situation is not significantly improved, we will consider this as a breach of our conditions to work within our contract and consider our duties within it fulfilled.

Discrimination, victimisation, harassment, and bullying are a real problem for everyone.  Everyone has the right to be treated with humanity, dignity, and respect. Everyone has a duty to ensure that happens.

We are drawing a line in the sand.  We are standing up for those who are being treated unjustly, for what is right.  Our revenue is not as important as the lives of those with whom we work.  This should be self-evident.

John Varlow training and consultancy is taking a no exceptions approach with who we work with

If anyone disagrees with this view, we respect that, and respectfully decline to work with them.