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Have you ever struggled with a subject in school and wished you had someone to help you? Maybe you want to improve your grades and learn new skills? Or perhaps you are an adult learner who just wants to pick up some new knowledge and expand your skills?  Using me as your private tutor can have many advantages both for your academic success and personal growth. 

Do you want to learn at your own pace and style? Do you want to choose what topics you want to focus on and how you want to approach them? 

I can offer you fully personalised and flexible tutoring sessions that will meet your needs and goals. Whether you are a student in school or college, or an adult learner who wants to improve your skills, I can help you achieve your full potential. Unlike a classroom teacher who has to follow a fixed curriculum and teach a large group of students, I can give you individualized attention and guidance, going as slowly or quickly as you feel comfortable with. 

Do you want feedback and encouragement as you learn? Do you want to know the areas that you need to concentrate on for maximum results? 

With me as your tutor, you will get immediate and constructive feedback on your work. I can highlight your strengths and weaknesses, show you how to fix your mistakes, answer your questions and offer suggestions for improvement. My tutoring approach will help motivate you to keep learning and challenge yourself. 

Do you want your learning to be fun and engaging? 

Learning with any experienced  private tutor is much more enjoyable and rewarding than learning in a classroom. Students who enjoy learning are more likely to remember what they learn, understand concepts better, and perform well on tests.  I can use different methods and materials to make the lessons interesting and interactive.  Games, quizzes, videos, podcasts, books, websites and more can be used to capture your attention and stimulate your curiosity. I can also help to relate what you are learning to your work, hobbies, passions and real-life situations to make them relevant and meaningful.

Do you want to have a record of what you have learned?  

I can provide videos of all online and face-to-face sessions to refresh your memory and make revision easy.  Writing notes while being tutored can eat up valuable time that could be used for practical work.  I will provide you with all whiteboards that are used (face-to-face or online) so that you can write notes after the session if you need to.  All of these will be accessible remotely so you don't need to worry about storage space on your own computer.    

Don't miss out on a great learning opportunity  

Online tutoring is now commonplace, and means that your physical location is unimportant.  It has the advantage of being able to record sessions that can be used by students when revising, or other learners to refresh their memory of what has been learned . The use of interactive whiteboards provides a great learning experience, and whiteboards can also be saved for you to use later.  But if you would prefer that sessions are delivered face to face, then I offer sessions at my location.

Don't miss this opportunity to boost your knowledge, grades and confidence with a private tutor who cares about your success. Contact me today to book a free introductory session and find out how I can help you achieve your academic potential.

I deliver GCSE tutoring in:

I also deliver A'level tutoring in:

Sessions follow the AQA syllabus by default but can be changed on request to Edexcel and OCR (and CIE where appropriate)

I can also deliver tutoring sessions in bespoke areas for adult / relaxed learners e.g.

Please contact me for a discussion about what you would like