If you have received training from me, please send in your comments using the feedback form and I  will ensure they are included on this page. Please indicate whether you are happy to be identified in the feedback.

In this section you will find anonymous feedback from the courses that I have delivered.  Each session always collects feedback  via evaluation forms.  This is primarily to help me ensure that my courses continue to cater fully for attendees, but they sometimes also capture specific comments about my teaching style or course content.  Where appropriate I have included these comments in this page.

Sometimes evaluation forms have specific comments where individuals indicate they are happy for them to be shared (and give their names). On other occasions feedback is received via Twitter or LinkedIn.  I have included names and links to Twitter or LinkedIn pages so that you can follow up with these individuals if you want more details.  I have also included relevant LinkedIn recommendations that have been written for me.  You can find these directly on my LinkedIn profile page.

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