John Varlow Training and Consultancy - Pricing for Courses and Consultancy for Courses and Consultancy

Prices on this website are valid until 30th September 2024

There are a number of different options for the pricing of courses and consultancy.  Please pick the option that will be of most benefit to you. 

Training Courses and Individual Training

Per individual:

This option gives a fixed price per individual attendee.

Per session:

This option gives a fixed price per session (up to 20 attendees):

Please note that the nature of some sessions means that they will not work with less than 6 attendees.  Consequently courses paid on an individual basis may need to be postponed until a minimum number is reached. If you wish a session to be run for more than 20 attendees please contact me to discuss whether this is possible.

Per hour:

This option gives a fixed price per hour, and may be the best option for shorter sessions, for small groups or for consultancy.  I will typically charge between £100 and £200 per hour depending on the support and preparation needed. 

One to one GCSE / A'Level Tutoring will typically be priced at £30  / £40 per hour respectively.

Please contact me for more details


Consultancy is typically charged at £850 - £1250 per day depending on what is required.   Hourly rates correspond with this, so will usually be between £114  - £167 per hour.  Any travel expenses will be expected to be reimbursed in addition to this, although work will be carried out remotely wherever possible.

Please note that I offer consultancy services for registered charities at a lower rate.

Please contact me for more details

Can't afford these prices? 

Please contact me with details of your requirements and what you are able to pay

Course and Consultancy Cancellations

Course cancellations will be charged as follows:

Consultancy cancellations will be charged at 5% of contract value, unless cancelled within 14 days of booking, or re-arranged for a later date.  Any contractual agreement once signed will then take precedence.

Location for Courses

Each of these options can be delivered at your location or at a location near to me. There are different considerations for each of these locations.

My location:  

Your location: