Online Courses

Please note that we are still offering any of our Face to Face Courses as an online course, delivered through Microsoft Teams (or similar tool of your choice).  The content will remain the same, although the way the material is presented, and how activities are completed, may change.

John Varlow | Training and Consultancy is currently offering two types of online course.

1. Statistics, Analysis and Research courses delivered online via scheduled webinar and online exercises and quizzes.  Any of my current courses can be adapted to be delivered in this fashion.  A full list of courses that can be adapted in  this manner can be found here or from my training brochure.  The price for these sessions can be found in the pricing section.

2. Statistics, Analysis and Research courses delivered completely by e-learning, a sample of which can be seen below.   Courses of this nature are currently under development so there are only a few short sessions that are available in this format at the moment. 

If you are interested in online course delivery then please contact us, or register on our Learning Management system (LMS) here or at the link below.

Sample of e-learning from Key Statistical Concepts 1 - Introduction and Content

(Please note that this embedded content will not display properly on a mobile phone - although access through the LMS is mobile phone compliant)

John Varlow | Training and Consultancy statistics course by e-learning

Please use the two links below to access our learning management system.  If you are new to our online courses, please click on registration, otherwise progress via the welcome link below.

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